Dungeons & Dragons
Hosted by Scoutmaster Bucky

Greetings, brave souls! The kingdom is in dire need of your assistance. Monstrous creatures have emerged from the surrounding forests, threatening the safety and prosperity of our people. We implore you, four valiant adventurers, to join forces and embark on a perilous journey to save our land.

Your efforts shall not go unrewarded. We shall grant you an audience with our gracious king and queen, who will bestow upon you riches and honors befitting your heroism.

Your adventure shall begin with a multitude of games and festivities. After partaking in a provided lunch, you will set off and the fate of our kingdom will rest in your hands. May the gods guide and protect you on your journey.

About the Event

Scoutmaster Bucky is hosting a Dungeons & Dragons full-day event at Phillippo Scout Camp. Join us for a morning filled with outdoor challenges and an afternoon of role playing.



Registration is done by table, meaning that participants will sign up for a specific class at a specific table. Each table will hold up to four players and there will not be duplicates of any class. Encourage your friends to join your table and help ensure a fun time and a successful quest.

Dungeon Masters

We need experienced Dungeon Masters to help make this event successful. You will be asked to staff stations in the morning and preside over a table in the afternoon. In addition, there will be an instruction weekend to help get everyone on the same page and playtest the adventure before we open it up to Scouts. Please contact Scoutmaster Bucky at ScoutmasterBucky@yahoo.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

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