Last Update: June 7, 2023

Scoutmaster Bucky
Serving Scouts since January 2009
Over 15,000+ Scout in-person merit badge opportunities and over 2,000+ Scout online merit badge opportunities, with thousands of past Cub Scout and Venturing advancement opportunities.
Remember the Scout Motto: Be Prepared
At Scoutmaster Bucky events this is not a request, wish, or desireā€¦
it is an expectation.

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The Scoutmaster Bucky program is a volunteer run program managed and maintained entirely by Brian Reiners (Scoutmaster Bucky) in conjunction with the council of Northern Star Scouting and other Scouting volunteers. All content, scheduling, arrangements, and the like are managed by Scoutmaster Bucky. All proceeds collected go to cover program expenses and operating costs (including but not limited to building rentals, program materials, class materials, and technology support), with any profits (when and if there are any) put back into the Scouting program annually.

Refund Policy & Contact Information

Bucky Waving
Requests for refunds or cancellations will be honored up to a week prior to any event.

Scoutmaster Bucky is Brian Reiners and is registered in Northern Star Scouting of the Boy Scouts of America.

Contact number: 612-483-0665
Email: ScoutmasterBucky@yahoo.com

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