Merit Badge Requirements Merit Badge History Workbook and Resources

About Merit Badge Workbooks

Merit Badge Workbooks are meant only as a tool to aid Scouts with their work preparation. They are a useful place to record information and to keep the notes organized. BSA discourages but doesn’t ban the use of any merit badge worksheets or workbooks. Merit badge counselors must never require the use of merit badge worksheets or workbooks and counselors reserve the right to refuse to accept them.

"Tell", "explain", "describe", and "discuss" are commonly used action verbs and will require Scouts to perform these actions. When these action verbs are a part of any requirement, Scouts are expected to be prepared to share and interact accordingly. Reading responses is not acceptable since it does not fulfill the requirement of showing the Scout’s knowledge and understanding. Pay close attention and prepare based on the utilized action verb(s) in the requirements.

Even though "a Scout is trustworthy", it's your responsibility to ensure you have adequate proof of completion for any requirements done in advance. Photos, documentation, signatures, ticket stubs, videos, and screenshots could all qualify. Simply saying one has done something likely will not be enough for most counselors to sign off on a requirement.

Canoeing Merit Badge Workbook