Donor Awareness

Donor Awareness

The Donor Awareness award is available as a patch that may be worn on the uniform as a temporary patch or on the back of the sash, if desired.

The Boy Scouts of America created this recognition to raise awareness of the need for organ donors in our communities, and to help Scouts realize their ability to impact a person's choice to be a donor.

Donor Awareness Award Requirements

There are NO formal requirements for this patch. Each unit establishes the procedure for awarding the patch. All Boy Scouts of America Scouting youth are eligible for this award.

Usually, a Donor Awareness patch is presented to a Scout the first time they succeeds in recruiting an adult family member, friend, relative, or other acquaintance as an organ donor, and to fill out and carry an organ donor card.

Once it is determined that the patch is available, submit an advancement report to the council and purchase the patch from the council service center. Typically, a Scout will only be eligible to earn one patch.

Boy Scouts of America Donor Awareness Patch Application