Theater Merit Badge
Please arrive with ample time prior to the start time of your class for registration.  Remember there will be others checking in as well and depending on the size of the class, and the event the class is being held in conjunction with, that registration may take a little time.

You should bring a blue card filled out properly for this class. - Scoutmaster Bucky Online participants - you will not be allowed to participate if you have not provided your signed blue card prior to the class - you should have forwarded your blue card to Scoutmaster Bucky prior to the class via email or postal mail:
Scoutmaster Bucky - 5724 Aldrich Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota  55419.

If you are not familiar with how to fill out a blue card, you should familiarize yourself with Scoutmaster Bucky's "How To Fill Out A Blue Card" document. Click here for Scoutmaster Bucky's "How To Fill Out A Blue Card".  Remember it is a Scout's responsibility to take care of their own blue card from beginning to end.
Your Scout Uniform is required to be worn when attending this Merit Badge session.   If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Brian Reiners; Scoutmaster Bucky via email or on the phone at 612-483-0665.

Reviewing the Merit Badge Pamphlet PRIOR to attending and doing preparation work will insure that Scouts get the most out of these class opportunities. The Merit Badge Pamphlet is a wealth of information that can make earning a Merit Badge a lot easier. It contains many of the answers and solutions needed or can at least provide direction as to where one can find the answers.

It is NOT acceptable to come unprepared to a Scoutmaster Bucky event. You can (and should) use the Scoutmaster Bucky Theater Merit Badge Workbook to help get a head start and organize your preparation work. Please note that the use of any workbook is merely for note taking and reference and completion of any Merit Badge Workbook does not warrant, guarantee, or confirm a Scouts completion of any merit badge requirement(s). You can download the Scoutmaster Bucky Theater Merit Badge Workbook by clicking here.  If this link is not working please check the internet for other merit badge workbook options.

It should be noted that this Merit Badge class is not meant for those who just want to come and see what they can get done. It is possible to complete this Merit Badge by being properly prepared and having done the preparation work prior to the class. Preparation is a MUST 
Theater Merit Badge Current Requirements
Scoutmaster Bucky's - Theater Merit Badge Workbook
Theater Merit Badge and Merit Badge History Page

Theater Merit BadgeThings to remember to bring for this Merit Badge Class:

1. Merit Badge Blue Card properly filled out and signed off by your Scoutmaster

2. Theater Merit Badge Pamphlet

3. Scout Uniform

4. Supporting documentation or project work pertinent to this merit badge which may also include a Merit Badge Workbook for reference with notes

5. A positive Scouting focus and attitude


1. See or read three full-length plays (Watching plays on television, video, or as a movie is not permitted). Write a review of each. Discuss with your counselor the plot or story. If you chose to watch the plays, comment on the acting and the staging.

This requirement is very specific and clear as to the expectations and limitations for completing this requirement.  Just saying you read or saw three plays may not necessarily be enough to satisfy the counselor for sign off on this requirement.  Scouts should consider bringing proof to validate their completion of this requirement (i.e. show bill or program, ticket stub, photos, note from parent, or even the script itself).  The counselor will facilitate a discussion during the class so that Scouts that are prepared to finish this requirement can share their work. Be Prepared.


2. Write a one-act play that will take at least eight minutes to perform. The play must have a main character, conflict, and a climax.

This requirement can NOT be completed in the class without significant pre-class work and preparation. Scouts MUST work on this requirement prior to the class as there will not be enough time given during the class to start this requirement.  Most of the time allotted during the class for this requirement is to allow Scouts to share their play with the counselor and other Scouts.

It should be noted that an eight-minute, one-act play is more than a one- or two-page endeavor in most cases. This is not a requirement a Scout can likely sit down and knock out in an hour or two so plan, get started on the work immediately, and be prepared.


3. Discuss with your counselor the safety precautions that should be practiced when working in a theater to protect the cast and crew.

The merit badge counselor will facilitate a discussion on the first part of this requirement as a part of the class however Scouts should come to the class having reviewed the Theater Merit Badge pamphlet with an understanding of safety precautions as it pertains to theater work and be prepared to actively participate in the class discussion.

Then do THREE of the following:

a. Act a major part in a full-length play; or, act a part in three one-act plays.

b. Direct a play. Cast, rehearse, and stage it. The play must be at least 10 minutes long.

c. Design the set for a play or a theatrical production. Make a model of it.

d. Design the costumes for five characters in a theatrical production set in a historical time.

e. Show skill in hair and makeup design. Make up yourself or a friend as a historical figure, a clown, an extraterrestrial, or a monster as directed.

f. With your counselor's approval, help with the building and painting of the scenery for a theatrical production.

g. With your counselor's approval, design the lighting for a play; or help install, focus, color, program, and operate the lighting for a theatrical production.

h. With your counselor's approval, help install, focus, equalize, program, and operate the sound for a theatrical production.

i. Serve as the stage manager for a theatrical production. Document all cues and stage setups in your calling script.

These requirement components will NOT be covered in the class HOWEVER Scouts may bring proof of any of these that they have previously done while registered in Scouts BSA to share with the counselor during the class.  In most cases, you should easily be able to bring proof of your work (i.e. show bill or program, ticket stub, newspaper article, note from the director or parent, etc.)  Just saying you have done any or all of these requirement components is not enough to be signed off. The counselor must be convinced and satisfied that you did or completed three of these requirement components for you to be considered for sign off.  Be Prepared.


4. Mime or pantomime any ONE of the following, chosen by your counselor.

a. You have come into a large room. It is full of pictures, furniture, and other things of interest.

b. As you are getting on a bus, your books fall into a puddle. By the time you pick them up, the bus has driven off.

c. You have failed a school test. You are talking with your teacher, who does not buy your story.

d. You are at a camp with a new Scout. You try to help him pass a cooking test. He learns very slowly.

e. You are at a banquet. The meat is good. You don't like the vegetable. The dessert is ice cream.

f. You are a circus performer such as a juggler, high-wire artist, or lion tamer doing a routine.

This requirement will be done during the class and facilitated by the merit badge counselor.


5. Explain the following: proscenium arch, central or arena staging, center stage, stage right, stage left, downstage, upstage, stage crew, flies, portal, cyclorama, stage brace, spotlight, floodlight, lighting control board, sound mixing desk.

Scouts will find the use of the Theater Merit Badge pamphlet or other sources to be very helpful in preparing for this requirement.  Scouts are encouraged to utilize a notebook or workbook to make notes in to reference during the class discussion on this requirement.  Only Scouts that accurately and actively participate in the class discussion for this requirement will be considered for sign off on this requirement.

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