Energy Merit Badge
Please arrive with ample time prior to the start time of your class for registration.  Remember there will be others checking in as well and depending on the size of the class, and the event the class is being held in conjunction with, that registration may take a little time.

You should bring a blue card filled out properly for this class. - Scoutmaster Bucky Online participants - you will not be allowed to participate if you have not provided your signed blue card prior to the class - you should have forwarded your blue card to Scoutmaster Bucky prior to the class via email or postal mail:
Scoutmaster Bucky - 5724 Aldrich Avenue South  Minneapolis, Minnesota  55419.

If you are not familiar with how to fill out a blue card, you should familiarize yourself with Scoutmaster Bucky's "How To Fill Out A Blue Card" document. Click here for Scoutmaster Bucky's "How To Fill Out A Blue Card".  Remember it is a Scout's responsibility to take care of their own blue card from beginning to end.
Your Scout Uniform is required to be worn for attending this Merit Badge session.   If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Brian Reiners; Scoutmaster Bucky via email or on the phone at 612-483-0665.

Reviewing the merit badge pamphlet PRIOR to attending and doing preparation work will insure that Scouts get the most out of these class opportunities. The merit badge pamphlet is a wealth of information that can make earning a merit badge a lot easier. It contains many of the answers and solutions needed or can at least provide direction as to where one can find the answers.

It is NOT acceptable to come unprepared to a Scoutmaster Bucky event. You can (and should) use the Scoutmaster Bucky Energy Merit Badge Workbook to help get a head start and organize your preparation work. Please note that the use of any workbook is merely for note taking and reference and completion of any Merit Badge workbook does not warrant, guarantee, or confirm a Scouts completion of any merit badge requirement(s). You can download the Scoutmaster Bucky Energy Merit Badge Workbook by clicking here .   If this link is not working please check the internet for other merit badge workbook options.

It should be noted that this merit badge class is not meant for those who just want to come and see what they can get done. It is possible to complete this merit badge by being properly prepared and having done the preparation work prior to the class. Preparation is a MUST 
Energy Merit Badge Current Requirements
Scoutmaster Bucky's - Energy Merit Badge Workbook
Energy Merit Badge and Merit Badge History Page

Energy Merit Badge Things to remember to bring for this Merit Badge Class:

1. Merit Badge Blue Card properly filled out and signed off by your Scoutmaster

2. Energy Merit Badge Pamphlet

3. Scout Uniform

4. Supporting documentation or project work pertinent to this merit badge which may also include a Merit Badge Workbook for reference with notes

5. A positive Scouting focus and attitude


1. Do the following:

a. With your parent's permission, use the internet to find a blog, podcast, website, or an article on the use or conservation of energy. Discuss with your counselor what details in the article were interesting to you, the questions it raises, and what ideas it addresses that you do not understand.

b. After you have completed requirements 2 through 8, revisit your source for requirement la. Explain to your counselor what you have learned in completing the requirements that helps you better understand the article.

Scouts should come to the class with a copy of the article they selected for Requirement 1a.  If it is from the internet the URL should be included as reference to where it was found.  If it is from a magazine or newspaper the cover page or at least the publication date should be noted somewhere along with the article.

Only Scouts that successfully are prepared and complete requirements 2 through 8 during the class will have an opportunity of finishing this requirement, as component 1b of this requirement states that it can only be done after you have completed requirements 2 through 8.


2. Show you understand energy forms and conversions by doing the following:

a. Explain how THREE of the following devices use energy, and explain their energy conversions: toaster, greenhouse, lightbulb, bow drill, cell phone, nuclear reactor, sweat lodge.

b. Construct a system that makes at least two energy conversions and explain this to your counselor.

Scouts will find that the use of the Energy Merit Badge pamphlet will be a great guide and resource when preparing for this requirement prior to the class. While component 2b will be done as an activity in the class, only Scouts that have properly prepared and actively participate in both the activity and discussion as well as showing they have prepared and understand at least three of the devices use of energy as stated in component 1a of this requirement will have be considered for sign off on this entire requirement during the class.


3. Show you understand energy efficiency by explaining to your counselor a common example of a situation where energy moves through a system to produce a useful result. Do the following:

a. Identify the parts of the system that are affected by the energy movement.

b. Name the system's primary source of energy.

c. Identify the useful outcomes of the system.

d. Identify the energy losses of the system.

Scouts should utilize the Energy Merit Badge pamphlet to review and prepare for explanation during the class to the counselor the parts of this requirement as stated above.  It is highly recommended that Scouts utilize a notebook or Merit Badge Workbook to make notes and prepare for their explanation and classification of the three mammals.


4. Conduct an energy audit of your home. Keep a 14-day log that records what you and your family did to reduce energy use. Include the following in your report and, after the 14-day period, discuss what you have learned with your counselor.

a. List the types of energy used in your home such as electricity, wood, oil, liquid petroleum, and natural gas, and tell how each is delivered and measured, and the current cost; OR record the transportation fuel used, miles driven, miles per gallon, and trips using your family car or another vehicle.

b. Describe ways you and your family can use energy resources more wisely. In preparing your discussion, consider the energy required for the things you do and use on a daily basis (cooking, showering, using lights, driving, watching TV, using the computer). Explain what is meant by sustainable energy sources. Explain how you can change your energy use through reuse and recycling.

This requirement may be done either prior to or after the class.  Only Scouts that have done the preparation work AND can provide their log sheet which must meet the counselor's satisfaction, will have the opportunity to be signed off on this requirement during the class.  Active and knowledgeable sharing of the Scout's understanding of this requirement and its related components will be measured and signed off on by the counselor if it meets their expectations and satisfaction.


5. In a notebook, identify and describe five examples of energy waste in your school or community. Suggest in each case possible ways to reduce this waste. Describe the idea of trade-offs in energy use. In your response, do the following:

a. Explain how the changes you suggest would lower costs, reduce pollution, or otherwise improve your community.

b. Explain what changes to routines, habits, or convenience are necessary to reduce energy waste. Tell why people might resist the changes you suggest.

Please note that this requirement states that you must identify and describe your findings in a notebook and to include many other items in your additional explanation to complete this requirement.  Scouts may have time during the class to polish their work, but Scout's attending the class that have not done work on this requirement ahead of time will likely find it difficult, if not impossible, to complete during the class. Be Prepared.


6. Prepare pie charts showing the following information, and explain to your counselor the important ideas each chart reveals. Tell where you got your information. Explain how cost affects the use of a nonrenewable energy resource and makes alternatives practical.

a. The energy resources that supply the United States with most of its energy

b. The share of energy resources used by the United States that comes from other countries

c. The proportion of energy resources used by homes, businesses, industry, and transportation

d. The fuels used to generate America's electricity

e. The world's known and estimated primary energy resource reserves

Again, this requirement and its components will be difficult to complete without prior work and preparation prior to the class.  Note that this requirement has many parts that must be remembered when working on this requirement.  Not only must Scouts prepare pie charts they must also be prepared to explain and tell of their findings and analysis. The counselor will facilitate discussion on this requirement during the class, but Scouts not doing preparation work will find that the discussion on this requirement will merely be an opportunity for them to get the obvious clarification of the counselor's expectations for successful completion of this requirement at a later date.

7. Tell what is being done to make FIVE of the following energy systems produce more usable energy. In your explanation, describe the technology, cost, environmental impacts, and safety concerns.

Biomass digesters or waste to energy plants

Cogeneration plants

Fossil fuel power plants

Fuel cells

Geothermal power plants

Nuclear power plants

Solar power systems

Tidal energy, wave energy, or ocean thermal energy conversion devices

Wind turbines

Scouts should review this requirement and its components and be prepared for class activities and participation. The Energy Merit Badge pamphlet will be a great source to utilize as well as any other book or web sites you may find that can supplement your preparation and research for completing this requirement during the class.


8. Find out what opportunities are available for a career in energy. Choose one position that interests you and describe the education and training required.

Scouts should review this requirement and its components and be prepared to discuss.  It is strongly recommended that Scouts bring any notes or supporting documents they may have to help show the counselor that they have prepared for discussion of these items.

this page last reviewed / updated: April 2019