Animation Merit Badge
Please arrive with ample time prior to the start time of your class for registration.  Remember there will be others checking in as well and depending on the size of the class, and the event the class is being held in conjunction with, that registration may take a little time.

You should bring a blue card filled out properly for this class. - Scoutmaster Bucky Online participants - you will not be allowed to participate if you have not provided your signed blue card prior to the class - you should have forwarded your blue card to Scoutmaster Bucky prior to the class via email or postal mail:
Scoutmaster Bucky - 5724 Aldrich Avenue South  Minneapolis, Minnesota  55419.

If you are not familiar with how to fill out a blue card, you should familiarize yourself with Scoutmaster Bucky's "How To Fill Out A Blue Card" document. Click here for Scoutmaster Bucky's "How To Fill Out A Blue Card".  Remember it is a Scout's responsibility to take care of their own blue card from beginning to end.
Your Scout Uniform is required to be worn for attending this Merit Badge session.   If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Brian Reiners; Scoutmaster Bucky via email or on the phone at 612-483-0665.

Reviewing the merit badge pamphlet PRIOR to attending and doing preparation work will insure that Scouts get the most out of these class opportunities. The merit badge pamphlet is a wealth of information that can make earning a merit badge a lot easier. It contains many of the answers and solutions needed or can at least provide direction as to where one can find the answers.

It is NOT acceptable to come unprepared to a Scoutmaster Bucky event. You can (and should) use the Scoutmaster Bucky Animation Merit Badge Workbook to help get a head start and organize your preparation work. Please note that the use of any workbook is merely for note taking and reference and completion of any Merit Badge workbook does not warrant, guarantee, or confirm a Scouts completion of any merit badge requirement(s). You can download the Scoutmaster Bucky Animation Merit Badge Workbook by clicking here.

It should be noted that this merit badge class is not meant for those who just want to come and see what they can get done. It is possible to complete this merit badge by being properly prepared and having done the preparation work prior to the class. Preparation is a MUST 
Animation Merit Badge Current Requirements
Scoutmaster Bucky's - Animation Merit Badge Workbook
Animation Merit Badge and Merit Badge History Page

Animation Merit Badge Things to remember to bring for this Merit Badge Class:

1. Merit Badge Blue Card properly filled out and signed off by your Scoutmaster

2. Animation Merit Badge Pamphlet

3. Scout Uniform

4. Supporting documentation or project work pertinent to this merit badge which may also include a Merit Badge Workbook for reference with notes

5. Pnecils, sharpener, and a pad of drawing paper

6. A positive Scouting focus and attitude


1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Do the following:

a. In your own words, describe to your counselor what animation is.

Scouts will need to review the information in the merit badge pamphlet and be able to communicate to the counselor during the class, as the requirement says "in your own words" what animation is. Scouts may choose to utilize the merit badge workbook to make notes in for referencing during the class.

b. Discuss with your counselor a brief history of animation.

Scouts are strongly urged to use the merit badge workbook or other means to make notes when preparing for this requirement. Scouts will have an opportunity to participate in class discussion led by the merit badge counselor to complete this requirement. It must be noted that only Scouts that actively and satisfactorily participate in the discussion will be signed off for this component of the requirement.


2. PRINCIPLES OF ANIMATION Choose five of the following 12 principles of animation, and discuss how each one makes an animation appear more believable: squash and stretch, anticipation, staging, straight-ahead action and pose to pose, follow through and overlapping action, slow in and slow out, arcs, secondary action, timing, exaggeration, solid drawing, appeal.

Scouts will need to be familiar with at least five of the 12 principles of animation prior to the class by reviewing the merit badge pamphlet. Scouts will have an opportunity to actively share their findings during counselor led discussion during the class. Scouts who do not prepare for this requirement will find it difficult to complete this requirement. Only Scouts who actively and satisfactorily participate in the group discussions will be signed off on this requirement.


3. PROJECTS With your counselor's approval, choose two animation techniques and do the following for each:


a. Plan your animations using thumbnail sketches and/or layout drawings.

Scouts will want to prepare conceptual ideas and drawings prior to the class to make the most of their time during the class. The counselor will approve and make suggestions to these conceptual ideas. While some time will be allotted in the class for this requirement, as much preparation work as possible will offer a greater chance of completing this requirement at the class. Scouts coming into the class without any preparation work may likely find it difficult to complete Requirement 3 that day.

b. Create the animations.

Scouts may choose to work on this requirement component before or after the class. Please note that the counselor will be making suggestions in Requirement 3a that could affect the acceptance of this component of the requirement. Depending on your choice of animations, techniques, and resources necessary to complete, you may be limited or challenged to complete this in the class period. Choose carefully and bring any portable resources you have to class to allow you to make changes or further development to your animations.

c. Share your animations with your counselor. Explain how you created each one, and discuss any improvements that could be made.

Scouts successfully completing this requirement component will have the opportunity to share with the class and counselor their animations and explain how they were created and any improvements you could make.


4. ANIMATION IN OUR WORLD Do the following:

a. Tour an animation studio or a business where animation is used, either in person, via video, or via the Internet. Share what you have learned with your counselor.

Scouts are encouraged to complete this requirement prior to the class and bring proof of their efforts to share with the class. Scouts will have an opportunity to share their experience and learning during the class.

b. Discuss with your counselor how animation might be used in the future to make your life more enjoyable and productive.

Scouts will partake in class discussion to complete this requirement, however Scouts should review the merit badge pamphlet and other resources to be prepared for the discussion. Only Scouts who actively and satisfactorily participate in the discussion will be signed off on this requirement.


5. CAREERS Learn about three career opportunities in animation. Pick one and find out about the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss your findings with your counselor. Explain why this profession might interest you.

Scouts should review this requirement and its components and be prepared to discuss. It is strongly recommended that Scouts bring any notes or supporting documents they may have to help show the counselor that they have prepared for completion of this requirement.

this page last reviewed / updated: April 2019