AirPlane Design Merit Badge HISTORY
Airplane Design MERIT BADGE History
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Aviation 1942 1952 Aviation
The "Air Scouts" program, established in 1941, never really caught on, most likely because of the strict activity restrictions placed on the program, it struggled to compete against the more popular and allowing Civil Air Patrol program.  Of the four Aviation-themed subjects during this time, the Airplane Design title had the least amount earned in comparison to each of the other three.
Airplane Design Merit Badges Earned by Year
    1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949
    108 641 760 665 610 463 405 464
1950 1951 1952              
603 663 556              
            Grand Total: 5,938
Airplane Design MERIT BADGES
Airplane Design Merit Badge - Type C NOT KNOWN TO EXIST IN THIS STYLE Airplane Design Merit Badge - Type E    
Type C Type D Type E    
1942-1946   1947-1952    
Airplane Design Merit Badge Pamphlet - Type 4BL Airplane Design Merit Badge Pamphlet - Type 5B    
Type 4BL Type 5B    
1942-1948 1948-1951    
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